5 Things – taking a toddler to the Broncos

Anyone who has a young child knows what a military operation it can be to get out of the house. I decided to take Master Maiden (3yo) to the Broncos game last weekend. Here are 5 things I learnt….

  1. A night bus ride can be very entertaining for a toddler. Who would have thought? He pressed his nose up to the bus window the whole way hypnotised by the bright lights “zooming” by. And a big cheers to the kind man who gave up his seat for my Mum and MM. By the way I had NO IDEA so many people caught the bus to the Broncos game. In full club regalia. Lets just change its name to The Broncos Express.
  2. Pick a game with lots of points. Each time the Broncos score the fireworks go off and Buck the horse does a lap. GOLD entertainment for a toddler. Normally a 53 to nil score line would not be a crowd pleaser but not this night!
  3. Do not, I repeat do not, plan to combine a toilet trip with the toddler and a quick beverage purchase. I have never been bounced from a stadium beverage counter but there’s a first for everything. Poor MM stood next to said security guard staring him down while I reached across the 2m to collect my order whilst wondering if MM and I were about to be marched out of Suncorp in an arm lock.
  4. Toddlers last until about half time. Then get the Ipad out.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes. When MM decided he couldn’t walk home from the bus stop as his “little legs were very tired” I had wished I gone for the comfy flats option instead of giving those winter boots their first run of the season.

Would I take him again? Of course!

What’s your top tips for taking the kids to a big game?



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