Slippery Eels

A huge week (for unfortunate reasons) in the NRL with the Parramatta Eels learning their fate. Everyone has a comment so what I could possibly add? Apart from noting my favourite Parra headline of the week: “Gang of Five: Denial not just a river in Egypt”.

I read in the media this morning mention of a potential class action against the Parramatta club by angry “punters who have lost money” because of the club misrepresenting that it was within the salary cap. Or even by betting agencies or sponsors who will suffer monetary loss a result of the scandal. This seems to me litigation going a bit crazy. And this is coming from a lawyer.

The best thing the “Gang of Five” could do right now in my humble opinion is fall on their sword and put the Club first and let those who are left with managing the future of the Club get on with the job.

Now – haven’t we got a couple of Trans Tasman tests tomorrow night to be focussing on….


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