The Bucket List

I often day dream about what is on my bucket list of sporting events I would like to go to one day. Marketers are starting to realise that the combination of a great sporting event mixed with a healthy dose of buzzing city culture and sightseeing are the perfect recipe to attract the leisure traveller (check out my blog on Ultimate Sporting Cities ). I’ve been lucky enough to attend some memorable sporting events already but here is my current bucket list I’m yet to cross off:

  1. Wimbledon (complete with Pimms and strawberries);
  2. Following the Tour de France (not on a bike) with frequent stops for wine & cheese;
  3. Chilling at the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii;
  4. Melbourne Cup (if I can brave the crowds to cross it off the list); and
  5. A Winter Olympics (to immerse myself in a totally different experience).

Here’s to crossing them off!

What’s on your bucket list of must see sporting events??


2 responses to “The Bucket List

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