Countdown to Rio – The Mascots

Rio 2016 Introduces Mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Meet Vinicius and Tom.

Hmmm. I will admit straight up I struggle a little with Olympic mascots. They always turn out kinda weird. But as part of our Countdown to Rio I feel it’s time to bond with our little friends. Let’s begin with the official run down.

Vinicius (that’s him on the left without the tea cosy on his head) is the Olympic mascot and “a mixture of all the Brazilian animals…borne out of the explosion of joy that happened when they announced Rio would host the Olympic Games….”. So many strange thoughts running through my mind right now but anyway moving on…. He apparently abodes in a tree house from where he can see all of Rio. Should be a good vantage point come the Games I guess.

His little friend is Tom. Tom, the Paralympic mascot, is a magical creature and a “fusion of all the plants in the Brazilian forest”. OK, now I get the tea cosy look. He likes to be in nature, adventuring outdoors, reading and Brazilian music (this is getting a little weird in an online dating kinda way…).

On a more serious note the 2016 mascots have been created with a view to incorporating elements of pop culture and animation to attract the “younger” audience. I think I can work with them. Clearly, however, Vinicius will be known as Vinny. Much easier to roll off the tongue.

I’ve seen much worse. Like this.


Wenlock and Mendeville from London 2012.

Or this.


Izzy fromĀ Atlanta 1996.

So later this year when you are sick of seeing little Vinny andĀ Tom every night on your screens, remember you could be doing a lot worse. So much worse. Come at me Vinny and Tom!



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