“Unofficial” match review: Qld Reds v Japan Sunwolves

This weekend we went to our first Qld Reds home game vs Japan Sunwolves. If you want the official match review check it out here. But here is my “unofficial” take on Sunday’s match day experience.

  1. LOVING the mascot. Red Dog. A real red heeler. I want to join his fan club. Didn’t see much of him during the game probably due to the high risk factor in letting an excited red heeler loose in the middle of SuncorpĀ Stadium but loved his shenanigans. Check him out…

red dog IMG_1698

2. The footy was entertaining (we like an attacking brand of footy) and the contest was on for the majority of the game.

3. These guys in the crowd gave it a touch of 7’s atmosphere. The crowd was fairly quiet so would have liked to hear more of them but they did give us a laugh.


4. My favourite part? Allowing the crowd to go onto the Suncorp Stadium turf after the ground. So much fun for littlies to big kids livin’ the dream (us included). Love it!


5. The only slight thumbs down was the price. We asked for the cheapest category and the best available seat in that category. $50 per adult. Really? That makes it a very expensive afternoon for a family on a Sunday arvo and that’s even before refreshments.

All up a good win for the reds and a good Sun arvo out.


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