It’s time to stop blaming the refs Laurie Daley

I’m cranky this morning.

I should be pumped after another Qld win for the ages. Or in awe of Cameron Smith becoming the most capped Origin player of all time. But I’m cranky. At Laurie Daley.

It was a dour low scoring game but a classic arm wrestle. In an age where we demand entertainment from our sport a low scoring affair with less flash and more “out on their feet” style play doesn’t seem to get the big tick from most armchair critics. Except Fatty Vautin – he got it. The reduction from 10 to 8 interchanges ¬†and the slippery weather played its part – but I digress.

After a calm and considered channel 9 post game interview Laurie proceeded to the post game press conference to tell all that he would be requesting the two refs from Origin 1 be removed for the next game.

Sorry? Call me crazy Laurie but your team just WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH ON THE NIGHT!

At home we even commented during the game how the refs were having a good game as we had hardly noticed them. And I have heard many of the ex player commentators expressing that they disagree with Laurie. Now everyone loves a bit of drama and newspaper headlines (and I realise he could be deflecting the attention from his team) but this is why I am cranky.

What does this teach our children who live for this game and their Saturday morning sport when they see the NSW coach and ex Australian player drop his bat and ball and blame the refs for his team losing. If my son ever comes off the field after a game of sport and blames the refs for a loss I will be sitting him down and having a good chat. About accountability, the bigger picture, respect and the fact without those refs there isn’t a game son.

We have a young man who is part of our extended family. He is from Northern Australia and a boarder at school. He often stays with us in school breaks and weekends off. He is on a refereeing scholarship. He is a fine young man and refereeing has given him a path to help him through the often shitty teenage years and given him goals to work towards. He wants to be the first indigenous NRL referee. I have picked him up from footy after he has reffed to hear him tell me what names he was called today. From the parents on the sidelines. It disgusts me. I hope he has the strength to keep going and achieve his dream irrespective of the challenges he will need to face along the way.

My husband referees. On weekends. After he handles his day job.Why? Because he loves it. He sees it as a way to keep fit. He says it’s the best place to watch the game now his dodgy knees prevent him from playing anymore. We need more people that want to spend their spare time reffing – any sport – because they love it.

I’m all for accountability. And referees at the top level need to have it. But I am getting a bit sick of people not being accountable for their own (or their team’s) actions and performance and blaming the refs.

Rant over.


3 responses to “It’s time to stop blaming the refs Laurie Daley

  1. You didnt notice the refs because they were good for queensland. A obvious incorrect high tackle early in the game advanced qld to a very good scoring postition where they scored 2 points. 2 points sounds very familiar to me. So stop blaming the refs when you lose and telling us not to when you win.


  2. I actually thought the refs were a bit lop sided towards NSW. They awarded an on field try which was overturned by the bunker ( not the ref’s fault Laurie) in what , despite NSW’s protestations to the contrary was not a try. A few high hits, deliberate holding down in the play the ball and a dubious (forward) pass which resulted in a NSW try all went Laurie’s way. And to see Fatty’s put down of Gus when Gus stated “we weren’t beaten was classic. I’ve watched State of Irigin since inception and it’s only in recent years the ref’s have been even in their on field decisions. For 15 years Qld got every bad call in the book. But it’s a bit like politicians criticism of news coverage, once the coverage is fair and reasonable to both sides, the side that is used to getting the favoritism cries foul. Suck it up Laurie. Queensland play for each other, your mob don’t. Until your players understand what it means to pull on a State jumper, you’ll never win.


  3. Looser always blame the ref or someone else with”if only” statements. Winners know that it all depends on an “only if” approach. That’s how you win.


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