Do these sports belong in the Olympics?

So let’s play a game. Which of these are Olympic sports?

Rugby 7’s, BMX, kitesurfing, skateboarding, softball/baseball, surfing, karate, sportsclimbing.

Answer = all of the above. Yes. Really. I promise I’m telling the truth.

The first 3 you will see this year in Rio. The last 5 will feature in Tokyo 2020 (subject to rubber stamping).

It’s all a part of a new age approach by the IOC to modernise the Games and of course attract a younger non-traditional market. All whilst keeping the traditionalists happy. From Tokyo 2020 each host city can submit a package of sports it would like added to the programme of core Olympic sports. But here’s the hitch – there’s no guarantee they will remain next time around (talk about 15 mins of glory).

In approving the sports the IOC consider an even mix of team v individual sports, indoor v outdoor, gender equality and what’s popular with the home nation (population and sponsors).

I’m a bit cut reading what missed out. Bowling. Which is the only sport I really do think I’m a chance of representing Australia in. And Wushu. What – you don’t know what Wushu is?? Me either. So I googled it and discovered its a Chinese martial art.

I guess it’s a good thing, no harm done once this traditionalist gets my head around it and moves with the times. What do you think – should skateboarding be an Olympic Sport or do you thinkĀ it stay in the X games where it belongs??


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