Origin 2 in pics

What a night! What a team!

Queensland wrapped up the series 2 zip in front of nearly 53,000 spirited fans at Suncorp Stadium (which I can’t help but still call Lang Park sorry). I was lucky enough to get along and here are some happy snaps from a memorable night.

Could this very well be the best stadium to watch sport? Not a bad seat in the house, an absolute picture, easy to get in and out of and arguably THE best atmosphere in Aussie sport.

pre game FullSizeRender

This Egg had me a little puzzled at first. What was this all about? But never did I know the amazing things you could screen on an Egg. Clever, clever stuff whipping the crowd into a frenzy pre game. That Egg had it’s own team of support staff to help deflate it in time for kick off.

egg FullSizeRender

The rendition of the anthem by Karen Jacobsen (ie the voice of Siri) backed by 52,000 + people belting it out themselves in full voice was one of the best I have heard. Made you bloody proud to be an Aussie.


This little pocket of brave Blues supporters added a splash of support for the Cockroaches.


OK forgive us but we had to do the obligatory selfie on such an exciting occasion.


And a sea of happy, happy maroon supporters exit the stadium home…or to the Caxton?


Happy Days for all the Maroons. Would you want to live anywhere else but Queensland???

Let’s go for the clean sweep now…Queenslander!!!!!

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