Around the World (Sports) Ticket – August 2016

I often play “if I had an airfare to anywhere in the world where would I go”?

With my mind wandering back to my blog on my Sporting Bucket List I decided to combine them and bring to you what would be on your travel itinerary if you were jetting to the world’s best sporting events next month – August 2016. We can only dream…

Coming off possibly the biggest month in world sport in July (Wimbledon, Tour de France, State of Origin) it would take a big event to top that. Cue our first stop.

Stop 1 – Rio de Janeiro, South America for the Summer Olympic Games. A melting pot of the world’s best athletes, a highly controversial lead up and a country known for its music & dancing, golden beaches and jaw dropping scenery – the sporting party of the year! I am fascinated to see if the Rio Olympics will rise above all the bad press and create some magical memories.

Image result for rio olympics

Stop 2 – After all you can take of the samba and caprioscas we take a quick detour to Europe for the World Rowing Championships in Rotterdam and the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix. This is just to catch your breath before our next big stop. I’ve never been to a Formula 1 before and would love to go and check out the scene.

Image result for belgian grand prix

Stop 3 – We finish off the month in New York, New York for the buzz of the US Open. Celebrity spotting and tourist attractions abound along with a new unpredictability as to who are the top dogs in grand slam tennis. I dream about returning to New York one day and am ready to add to my Grand Slam experiences.

Image result for us open tennis

Now to packing. If only…


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