Firebirds are go!

Today the Qld Firebirds scored a gutsy come from behind win against the Southern Steel from NZ to book their 5th consecutive GF appearance in the ANZ Netball Championship.

We went along and had a great time. Here is my “unofficial” take on today’s match day experience using the not very well known (but surprisingly simple) SportsMaiden scoring system!

1. Getting there – Firebirds tickets go like hotcakes. HOTCAKES I say. I have tried (fruitlessly) numerous times through the regular season to get tickets but left my run too late. I was hot to trot online this time as soon as tickets were released and even then was extremely lucky to nab 2 tickets together after 33 minutes of pain online. Success! I booked parking online in advance which was affordable (unusual for car parking in Brisbane) and easy. Winning before we even got there! Score – 4/5.

lastFullSizeRenderTeam huddle – last words

2. Game Day Experience – I don’t normally get into this type of stuff but couldn’t help myself to get the pic with the Firebirds silverware (see below – who’s more excited?!). There were plenty of posters & clappers being handed out (mental note: clappers = weapons of mass destruction in the hands of a 3yo). There was plenty of activity in the foyer (shooting comps etc) and more mascots than a 3yo could high five. Facilities and F&B were easy to get to and queues moved fast (these are usually my pet hates at live sport). There’s not a bad seat in the house and I was pleasantly surprised with the view from our  “last seats left in the building”. Minus one for the run of the mill quarter time entertainment. Score – 4/5.


3. Atmosphere and Game Quality – As far as quality netball goes, it’s hard to imagine much better in a domestic comp – where just one turnover could break the game. There was plenty of quality big screen vision and music to get the crowd pumped up. A pretty vocal crowd (but could have been louder at times?). Nice chant of “Queenslander” when the ‘Birds went on a roll towards the end of the game . The game certainly delivered with the momentum changing numerous times keeping the crowd screaming on the edge of their seat. Score – 4/5

4. X Factor –  There’s that undefined something that makes a live game something special. Whether it’s a fairytale story, a team that plays their guts out or a blow-your-mind atmosphere. I love how this team are so mentally tough – they don’t lose their nerve when they get behind, they just keep on delivering. This was a tough come from behind win (against a team that went undefeated in the regular season mind you) which saw them make their 4th consecutive GF. Score  – 4/5 (I’m saving the 5’s for if they break history and go back-to-back)!


SportsMaiden Game Day Score = 16/20

I will be poised on the keyboard fingers crossed hoping I can get tickets for the GF next week. If you aren’t already (what???), get yourself on the Firebirds bandwagon – they are quality with a capital Q. And awesome role models.

Go you good Firebirds next Sunday in the GF!!!

2016 ANZC CompetitionAustralian Conference Grand Final Qld Firebirds v NSW Swifts

2016 ANZC Competition Australian Conference Grand Final Qld Firebirds v NSW Swifts

(pic source:

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