My 5 memorable moments from the Olympic opening ceremony

I made it through! And I will never get back that Saturday morning again. But here are my top 5 memorable moments from the Rio Olympics opening ceremony this morning.

  1. On a serious note, how could you not feel a mixture of patriotism and the urge to play “Where’s Wally” when the Aussie team walked in the stadium? They looked the goods and were led admirably by the awesome Anna Meares.

2. Emergency – oil shortage in Rio! The flag bearer for Tonga made sure no one was going to miss those pecs. You could fry a chip on that chest.

3. The opening show was actually quite spectacular but I did have a snigger when I saw these props described on twitter as giant sized goon bags.

4. My choice for worst outfit was Sweden. A mix of roller derby and Abba. Unfortunate, as their actual sports gear kit looks quite cool. Must be a Scandinavian thing as Norway were also regulars on “worst dressed” lists on the internet.

5. IOC President Thomas Bach (below) who made one of those long winded boring speeches may need a new speech writer after exclaiming “In this Olympic world we are all equal”. Hmmm, not sure what WADA thinks about that?

Tick. So now let the games begin and let’s get down to business!

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