Olympics Week 1 – my top 5 moments

With the first week down of the 2016 Rio Olympics what have been your highlights? Here are my top 5 memorable moments.

1.The swimming has been an emotional roller coaster. From dizzy heights to shattering lows what has struck me about the 2016 class of Aussie Dolphins is how well spoken, gracious and humble they have been in the media and totally supportive of each other. These are the type of athletes I am proud to have representing Australia and that I want to get behind.

2. The women’s rugby 7’s gold medal winning team.Winners of the first women’s 7’s gold, the first Aussie team sport to win Olympic gold in 12 years, the first women’s Aussie team sport to win gold in 16 years. Need I say more?

3. Mack Horton brave, no b/s comments calling out the drug cheats. It is an absolute scourge in sport. It’s detracting from too many Olympic sports – we hesitate to marvel at the amazing in case it’s tainted. And it seems like the voice of the clean athlete continues to rise at these games with many others following his lead.

4. The elation of Dane Bird-Smith after winning bronze in the 20m walk. Too often these days in the media we hear a bronze being described as a failure or as falling short. To stand on the podium at the Olympics with a bronze medal draped around your neck is a bloody awesome achievement!

5. Catherine Skinner. Had you ever heard of her 7 days ago? No? – well she is our Australian gold medallist in the women’s trap. I love how every Olympics brings with it a dark horse unexpected Aussie gold medallist – and this was it in week 1. Check out the pure joy and pride in this photo.

It’s been a big week and there is so much more to come with track & field and cycling set to fill our screens this coming week not to mention our basketballers, hockey stars, rowers…..bring on some more late nights and early mornings in Week 2!!

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