Why I love September

It occurred to me this morning that I love September.

Why? It’s the most fun sporting month of the year. My social media feeds have been filled with this:

  • Local netty GF photos and live streams – from rural Victoria to Cairns;
  • Photos of my friend’s sons and daughters with huge smiles at their junior club presentation days and break ups; and
  • Family car trips and bus trips to school holiday state carnival footy, BMX and netball carnivals (oh those bus trips….).

Then there’s the:

  • Busy days for my friends and family in sports administration as they work towards the biggest day of the year, a culmination of a year of work;
  • Classic, nail-biting, knock out finals games weekend after weekend (hello Cowboys v Broncos) and the screaming from the couch at the TV as the season comes to an end (hello Penrith);
  • BBQ’s firing up across the neighbourhood and dress ups on NRL and AFL GF days;
  • Office glory as the we crown new winners of the footy tipping competition (have I told you I’m a two time winner?).

Sport is a bond that brings family, friends and communities together. It makes us laugh, cheer and cry. It teaches us about winning and losing and dedication and sportsmanship and teamwork. That’s why I love sport and September is when it all comes to the fore.

Maybe we should rename it Sportstember? Enjoy the rest of your month!

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