Another week, another cricket autobiography..

Another summer week, another cricket autobiography….

This has now become a running joke in our household. Each summer as each new cricket season rolls around every week we have another retired cricketer flogging their autobiography  on the morning radio slots.

Which has led me to have become sick of them bagging the crap out of each other in public in an attempt to get it off their chest and boost book sales. I wonder if the team culture and respect for the game has eroded so much that nothing stays within the walls of the dressing room these days. Is that having an effect on the performance and mindset of the current team?

I have sometimes wondered when Mal Meninga, now Australian rugby league coach, is hailed as one of the most successful coaches of his generation if that had more to do with the athletes he was spoiled to choose from or more to do with his coaching. However having often seen teams bursting with talent self combust, I think the latter. A team of champions can either self implode or excel to even greater heights such as the Qld State of Origin team. Is head coaching these days more people management than technical skills?

I really like the culture that the Australian Diamonds netball team have developed with their “Sisters in Arms” trade mark. They seem to have put much investment into their developing culture including what they as a team stand for and expect of themselves, as well as a healthy respect for those that have gone before them and paved the way for modern-day netball.

I do wonder if we forward 20 years down the track as netball has become more commercialised and the media and public more hungry for their stories, if we will be lamenting a new netball autobiography dishing dirt every week…??


Australian Diamonds – Sisters in Arms

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