Is it ever OK to tank?

I read this article during the week.

Which got me cranky. And then got me asking the question is it ever ok to tank?

I will actually admit I can understand the thinking process in a game like tennis when perhaps one set is a lost cause, for a player to strategically put less effort into a few plays to conserve energy for a full on attack on the next set, all in an effort to win a match. But I think it is never ok to tank a game/match etc. But is that grey and how can you police it?

I do know that I would take a gutsy fight to the death Hewitt over a petulant Kyrios or Tomic any day of the year.

What about when a team can’t make the finals and the lower they end up on the ladder the better draft picks they will get? Is that tanking strategically ok?

What about the team that has made the finals already and plays their bench resting their stars – is that tanking?

Forget about the commerciality, responsibility to sponsors and ticket paying spectators, and even the effect on the betting industry – my gut just says if you have respect in yourself and your sport then it’s just not ok to tank.

Am I too much of a purist?


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