Woodchopping – what’s not to love??!

I’m writing this blog from downtown Brunswick Heads where we’ve just got back from the afternoon session of the Brunswick Heads Woodchop 2017. I’m going to admit I am a closet Woodchop fan. Actually, no, I’m not even in the closet –  I love a good Woodchop!

We chanced across the 2016 Woodchop last year and now, we make sure our annual weekend to Brunswick coincides with the Brunswick fair and Woodchop. What’s not to love!?

I love how it’s a real family sport – with fathers and mothers competing alongside their children in the junior events and their fathers in the over 60’s. You can see some real woodchopping dynasties.

And there’s no doubting the strength and fitness required to perform at the top level of this sport with current and past Australian and World Championships on display.

Now here’s a left field thought – I reckon this sport could become huge with the right marketing along the lines of the PBR or the current trend for “fast sports” such as Big Bash etc.

Do yourself a favour and next time your local show or exhibition is on go check out the woodchopping and get behind your favourite woodchoppers!




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