5 Things

Another week and always so much happening in women’s sport. Here’s what caught my eye this week.

  1. I’ve been loving the quad series netball tests this week (I blogged about it here during the week) – here is the drum leading into the final 2 games of the series.
  2. The decision on the AFLW expansion teams was delayed this week. Its vitally important to make the right decision but indecisiveness and delay is not great PR for a league that could do wrong in 2017.
  3. Do you remember when women’s golf was high profile and Karrie Webb ruled the world? Plans are in place to find the next big thing.
  4. The emerging Opals rule the world at the Uni Games.
  5. Sharapova plays through controversy at the US Open. How far will she go and what will be the reaction? Its certainly been far from welcoming from her opponents.

Lots of sports thoughts going through my mind – should Sharapova be gifted show courts and wild cards on her return from a drug ban? Do I or dont I like boxing and UFC? How unlikeable are the Aussie mens cricket team right now? Who’s going to make the foot finals. I think its time for a podcast….!

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